About F. Renee Young, LCSW

Renee specializes in trauma recovery and provides training related to how trauma impacts children and the importance of resiliency through that process.  Trauma can vary from experiencing bullying as a child to major medical experience.  She attended the University of Wyoming and received a Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Science with an emphasis on Early Childhood Development.  At Walla Walla University, Renee received her Master’s Degree in Social Work.  

At True North Life Quest, LLC, F. Renee Young provides individual, couples, and family therapy where she focuses on children, couples, and the whole family unit.  Renee is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker practicing in Sheridan, Wyoming.  She addresses issues related to divorce, trauma, adoption, foster care, depression, anxiety, school difficulties, and a wide array of other topics.  Renee can provide services in the home, in the office, and via telehealth.