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Words cannot express how grateful I am for my Renee! Her office is a space there is no judgement and is a place I know I am seen and heard.

She offers EMDR therapy and it has helped me overcome the devastation of abuse and create the life I am meant to live. The abuse does not control my thinking paterns, my view of myself or life and it is largely due to the help I’ve received from Renee and EMDR therapy.

― Kia

“In June of 2019, I was involved in an accident while traveling home from a Horse Show. An SUV literally drove inside my living quarters horse trailer while I was traveling down the road, killing one horse and severely injuring the other two. Both my truck and trailer were totaled. In September, I was still having nightmares about the accident and extreme negative feelings towards the individual that was driving the SUV. My life had taken a 180 turn because of many circumstances due to the wreck. At that point, I really was not thinking about the human factor, only my horses and the impact of the driver’s irresponsible behavior. I started seeing Renee as often as possible and the results were almost immediate. The EMDR was incredible and helped me in more areas than my original reason for going. In 10 months, I only had 11 visits with Renee, due to the travel distance involved. My attitude about the wreck is different now. I no longer center my energy on “what happened and how it directly affected me and the horses” in a negative manner. Renee is an incredible therapist and I would recommend her to anyone. Sometimes a person does not understand the scope of our own behavior and the positive/negative dynamics of it, until you look at it from a new perspective. My heart-felt thanks to Renee for everything that I have learned about myself through her guidance!”

― Gail

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